Dylan: A Man Called Alias, by Richard Williams: yes, it is worth buying

* Thanks to Johanna Moore:

“In reply to you reader Pauline’s question I’d like to say that “A Man Called Alias” is a very nice coffee table book, though neither the written nor the photo content will be new to the avid Dylan reader.

“It is nice though to have some of the familiar photos well reproduced in large format though, like the picture of Bob’s young family in Woodstock in 1968.

“I picked up a (translated) copy of the book a couple of weeks ago on ebay at a decent price, read through it in two days, learned nothing new… but enjoyed it nonetheless. (Well, I aim to read as many Bob books as possible.)

”A journey to the bookstore might not even be necessary, as new and used bookselling website abebooks.co.uk /.com – both have copies available at decent prices, so you don’t even depend on ebay. Hope that helps.

”Now, if anyone could help me decide whether to get the Bob Dylan Copyright Files book that amazon (.de) is just selling out, I’d appreciate any advice.”

* And thanks to Martin Cowan:

“In response to Pauline Brett’s recent posting, I’ve just been flicking through the Richard Williams book.

“While not a great addition to the Dylan library (its brief sketchy text is forgettable), it does work, thanks to its lavish illustrations.

“At nearly 200 pages, with large black and white and colour photos on every page, the pictures alone probably make it worth picking up. Some of the pictures are ones we have seen elsewhere but it does also include more unfamiliar photos.

“So I’d say to Pauline – for the pictures, take a punt!”

Dylan: A Man Called Alias, by Richard Williams: is it worth buying?

Thanks to Pauline Brett:

“I’d welcome advice from fellow readers.

“Is Dylan: A Man Called Alias, by Richard Williams and published as a large format book in the early 1990s, worth buying?

“I ask because a friend told me that a local used bookshop has a copy. Problem is, it’ll mean a dedicated journey, which could eat up half a day and I’m not sure it’s going to be worth it.

“If any Dylan Daily readers think the book is “vital” or “indispensable”, or similar, I’ll gladly make time…”


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