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Bob Dylan – The Songs He Didn’t Write: strongly recommended

December 10, 2008
Thanks to Johanna Moore:

”Regarding the Dylan books that you mention, I can strongly recommend Bob Dylan – The Songs He Didn’t Write.

“Yes, it’s a kind of encyclopaedia that you could dip into for facts, but still it is very readable for those who, like me, want to read it straight through.

“Sure, I was sceptical at first, thought maybe I’d better read another book about Dylan than one about a bunch of other people’s songs, but of course those songs are the basis of Dylan’s work and he has been inspired by them from his youth and throughout his career.

“Oftentimes when played in concert, the cover songs were treated with more care and respect than his own songs and most of the time turned out beautifully.

“Anyone with any interest in Dylan’s musical background and also anyone interested in more information about many of the songs played on Theme Time Radio Hour should certainly read this book.

“There are a couple of (mostly very minor) errors, but to be fair to the author, with a book so full of facts, this is bound to happen. Generally, it’s very well written and researched.”